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The audit aims to: identify the printing and copying environment, identify costs related to printing and image processing, provide Printoscope, collect system data (1-2 months), and make a physical inventory of equipment. Once the data are analysed, recommendations are made in order to achieve the reduction of TCO (total costs of ownership) incurred to print and copy documents, followed by a suggestion concerning the optimisation of printing infrastructure in terms of functionality and cost-effectiveness.
What is PRINTOSCOPE used for? monitoring and control of the number of printouts and copies, monitoring local and network printouts, detailed monitoring of printout and copy parameters, setting limits for users and departments, monitoring various operating systems, reporting and analysing, ensuring security of printed documents, enabling authorised access to printouts from multifunction printers, identifying users making copies


Monitoring the status of printers, managing and controlling with the use of local and network workstations.
Monitoring the quantities and costs of printouts through local and network printing devices allows the status of equipment to be controlled effectively and the purchase of paper and toners to be planned economically.



Monitoring the quantities and costs of printouts made by individual users of all printing devices in the network.
Many documents are printed in every company. Some of them are redundant. They involve both documents that would suffice to exist in electronic form and printouts misused by employees. The mere fact that employees know they are being controlled contributes to an approx. 30% reduction of printouts.


Authorized access to individual network printing and copying devices from anywhere in the company. We have full integration with producers: Kyocera, Triumph Adler, CANON, EPSON, Ricoh, Xerox, Toshiba, Brother
Authorised access to printing and copying devices in the network makes it possible to add an unlimited number of documents to the printing panel and gain access to them using any printing device in the system. In addition, the system makes it possible to share files with anyone. When logging in to a printing device using their own magnetic card, the person can select the file to be printed. The system has no territorial restrictions. This means that it can work with any device connected to the network no matter where such a device is. The module includes server software that manages queues and configuration as well as integrated software with a printing device control panel or physical terminals next to printers known as Print Terminals.

Our offer also includes proximity card readers for all device models:

L.p. Description Price in PLN net
1 Reader 125kHz standard UNIQUE 190,00
2 Reader 13,56MHz standard MIFARE 243,00
3 Reader 13,56MHz standard ICODE 243,00
4 Reader 125kHz standard HITAG 190,00
5 Reader 125kHz standard HID125 190,00
6 Reader 13,56MHz standard iClass 243,00
7 Reader COMBO 125kHz i 13,56MHz standard UNIQUE i MIFARE 411,00

  • §. Each reader has a standard cable with a length of 0.2 to 1 meter
  • §. Reader price without housing
  • §. Completion date: up to 100 items within 7 days, above 14 days

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